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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  February 5, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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and if you're driving one, you know what it means to earn something. ♪ target, drunk drivers the crack down doing on now on this super bowl sunday. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the fun is all done, but for
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police the work is just starting. >> reporter: you can see it just over my shoulder just up the block here. already in the last hour we've seen driving trying to avoid it. we want to show you video from within the last hour that we're showing police as they started checking the cars going through. it's just one way that officers tonight are cracking down. >> all to educate the public that drunk driving is hazardous. we're trying to bring our drunk arrest numbers down by doing so we bring fatalities down and hopefully make the community safer. >> reporter: in downtown danville, some watched the game at bars. shaking shots. >> i'm just out hanging with friends. i don't care. >> reporter: friends who plan
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driving home today. this super bowl isn't as lucrative as the niners were playing but safety concern is the safe. >> we're always happy to call cops here in danville. we get a lot of cabs that line up to take people home. >> we'll be taking a cab or walking, pretty close. >> a lot of times you'll see them leave with their heads lights off. you will see them cross over the line and come back. >> reporter: danville is part of several contra costa community. >> they say no i'm the designated drivers i haven't had anything to drink, those are always wins. >> reporter: here is what has been going on. we checked with police in the last 10 minute, so far they have made no dwi arrests. but several for people with without ally license o a
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suspended license. this is what it looked like tonight in time square in new york city after the super bowl. new york giant fans spilled out into the streets to celebrate their team's triumph. we'll have the thrilling finish to the game as well as some of the halftime show featuring madonna in sports wrap with joe fonzi. alameda county sheriff's deputy arrested a drunk driving after he aparticipantly swiped a patrol car. the driver hit a sheriff deputy's car on beach street and kept going. there was a short pursuit until the car stopped at forest and d street where the driver was arrested. it wasn't another vehicle but an apartment that a car cashed into. firefighters told ktvu news the truck was speeding when it hit a light poll and hit over a
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tree before plowing right into the building and bursted in flames. >> the car caught on fire and they were trying to stop but they couldn't. so, we ran out of the house and it was just horrible. it was just a terrible accident. firefighters put out the fire in minutes, everyone inside the apartment got out safely. the driver of the truck then took off on foot but was later arrested by police. vallejo firefighters are still on the scene of a smoldering fire that broke out. as debra villalon reports, it sent black smoke into the sky that could be seen for miles. >> reporter: firefighters watched as this old naval warehouse melted away. four stories, 160 square feet. it was empty and away from other structures so. >> it's not worth risking
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firefighters fight to make an aggressive interior attack. >> reporter: instead, they doused it from a distance. the warehouse the -- built in the 40s was condemned and slated for demolition. but the fire did it first. wood beams coateded in creosote. created heavy smoke and highly combustible. these are the fires early moments. >> it was very intense. it was a very intense flame. >> reporter: propane bottles from squatters inside were found exploding. >> there was probably a lot of furniture and stuff that had been brought in by homeless people.
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>> reporter: the spectacle did attract dozens of spectators who had to be pushed back away from the smoke and the danger. fortunately this happened at the north end of myer island the least developed and the less smoke flew áf pushed toward residents. in vallejo, debra villalon. as you could tell the massive blaze could be seen over much of the bay area. a viewer named cynthia sent us this picture. diana taylor posted this photo on the ktvu facebook page. it was taken a little farther away on a hill. you can see the building is consumed in flames. and the fire was so big it could be seen away on the napa valley. you can see the fire produced a
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high plume of black smoke. >> tonight oakland police are searching for a motive of a shooting and the gunman. jade herds has the -- jade hernandez has the story. >> reporter: the crime tape blocked off adeline. the number 45 marked the highest evidence marker. neighbors say someone drove by and opened fire. this worries todd walker. >> i know four family members that just got shot right now. a couple of young kids i was coaching football. >> reporter: he and i watchedded as a grandmother pulled a grandchild that was
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shot at. >> do you get to take him home? >> yes. >> spend more time on this occupying stuff rather than helping these kids out here. >> reporter: this man did not feel comfortable giving his name. >> people losing their family members. this is upsetting, that's the facts to everything. >> reporter: police would only say the shooting happened before 4:00. five people were shot, none of the injuries are life threatening. neighbors are tired of bickering out on the street leading to young people pulling out weapons. >> that's the main problem right now. we need to find out where these guns are coming from and why the kids are so angry and trying to kill each other. >> reporter: we're live at police headquarters where investigators are looking into at least five separate shootings, thursday, friday and saturday as a result three people died. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police say they
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plan to have extra officers on duty tomorrow for a planned occupy oakland protest. details of that was planned today. they plan to rally first near frank ogawa plaza then march to orilley plaza. last night's occupy protest was a peaceful event. officers followed them throughout their entire march. on some social media site, the event was promoted as a militant radical march. police say there were no reports of vandalism. the city of -- is seeing the state's metal thefts at a rise. the devices prevent water
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contamination. antioch has about 3,200 of them. city employees are asking residents to watch for suspicious activities near those water pipes. to election news now and with the race for the republican presidential bid now down to four candidates. rick santorum who are trailing in the polls is trying to keep his campaign alive. santorum tried to push in minnesota. where his signature sweater vests are made. >> i feel confident we're going to do well in minnesota and in colorado. >> reporter: the primary in missouri coming up on tuesday. ron paul is also running third. but in an interview today the
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texas congressman says he is staying optimistic. >> on a positive side, we will get a block of votes. we will still get some delegates and we will still pursue our plans to go into the caucus state. and we will wait to see how things do. >> reporter: paul vowed to keep pushing for the republican vote. i'm trying to draw people into politics not carpet bomb them out of it. we just have a fundamental disagreement about the responsibility someone for president should have for the american people. romney took the day off from the campaign trail. he campaigned in colorado yesterday and returned to nevada last night for a victory rally. romney won the caucus by a large margin. they have served their country and now comes the thank you. the much needed assistance some war veterans are about to receive. receive.
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new hope tonight for homeless veterans, ktvu's rob roth talks about transforming homes in san francisco for veteran housing. >> reporter: for years he said he didn't know what was wrong
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with him until doctors diagnosed him with post- traumatic. >> i thought something was wrong with everybody else. i was want to listen to nobody else. i get angry. >> reporter: in the years since vietnam, he has not been able to hold a job. >> i fought so you and i could be free. but i found since the day i got drafted, i've yet to be free. >> reporter: some help is coming, this 90-year-old city owned building has been vacant for decades. but the city is building apartments for veterans. >> you have to be meaningful services and programs for people. that's part of the cost of war. >> drugs and alcohol, it didn't
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take long until i was homeless. >> reporter: hinson ended up homeless. and h -- he says a building full of veterans would be helpful. >> they're probably going through the same thing i am. >> you won't be going through the same thing over and over again. you will be able to have a roof over your head. the owners of a popular walnut creek bar and grill are scheduled to go before city leaders and ask that restrictions on the bar's alcohol service be lifted. in december, the commission changeed the lift lounge service hours from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. after the lounge allegedly committed several violations of its conditional use permit. the changes did not go into effect while the lounge
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appealed itself restrictions. city leaders looked for ways to try to curve the violence. a san jose man is in jail accused of trying to kidnap his ex-girlfriend. padilla forced his exinto his car yesterday. she was able to escape by jumping out of the moving car in milpitas. she then called a friend who picked her up. later, padilla attacked that male friend with a knife. police found and arrested padilla yesterday afternoon, no one was seriously hurt. bay area based company micron today named a new ceo. mark durcan was named to lead the company. the announcement is aimed at calming investor worries after long time chairman steve
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appleton died when his experimental plane crashed. ktvu's patti lee tells us a hospital in san francisco has called off a surgery because of the man's immigration status. >> reporter: jesus navarro slowly dying from kidney failure fears that he will not see his little girl grow up. >> i had my insurance, i had work, i had everything. >> reporter: after 6-1/2 years to the kidney transplant list he made it to the stop, only to find out the surgery would not be possible because of the long term care. $400 since this website went live last thursday. >> he's paid his taxes, he waited his time on the list, he did everything he was supposed to do. >> reporter: advocate donald
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kagan says ucsf should perform the surgery because it's the right thing to do. but usf says that they do not make a decision on immigration status. but because there's such a shortage of organ transplants available, they need to make sure it goes to a right recipient. the navarros and ucsf are supposed to meet to find out what they will do. ucsf released a statement that says in part. these patients are not refused treatment, but rather we refer them to community-based and external services. while they resolve those problems, they remain on the
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transplant waiting list. sonoma county supervisors will consider a proposed cap on marijuana dispensaries this tuesday. county planners issued a recommendation to limit the number of dispensaries to nine in incorporated parts of the county. there are six on the operation . advocates say there's a compelling need for those shops. rallying to save lives, the issue half way around the world that grew protesters to the russian consulate in san francisco. a little later, is legalizing online gambling a budget solution? the pros and cons in a ktvu special report. we're wrapping up another mild
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at least 30 people, including five women and children were killed in new violence today in syria. the bloodshed calls after a deadly day yesterday after as many as 300 people were killed in the city of holmes. during the visit to bulgaria, hillary clinton blasted china for vetoing a vote calling for the syrian president to step down. >> what happened yesterday was a travesty. those countries bare full responsibility for protecting the brutal regime. according to the united nations, more than 5,400 people have died in syria since last month. there is now a fear among experts the turmoil in syria
11:53 pm
could turn into an all out civil war. the turmoil in syria is being felt here in the bay area. protesters may their feelings known in san francisco. >> reporter: calling for an end to the killing a couple dozen syrian americans protested today outside the russian consulate in san francisco. >> reporter: demonstrators focused their anger on russia because that country's support for assad. >> they need to see the reality, to see that people are dying. >> reporter: this 26-year-old from syria didn't want to give us her name today, worries the government might target her family back home. >> the revolution is something we needed for a long time. it's time for us to be liberated. >> reporter: just this week russia and china sparked
11:54 pm
international outrage by vetoing a vote. the rally was peaceful although a security office did come by to keep check on the crowd. >> we're paying the price and we will be free. >> reporter: we were unable to reach anyone from the russian consulate to comment. but we are told many of these demonstrations are planned for the future. alex savidge. >> measure news of the world tonight. in after ban stan at least nine people died today when a car bomb exploded outside a police headquarters in kandahar. no one has claimed responsibility. and in northern afghanistan, a u.s. soldier shot and killed an afghan guard
11:55 pm
and a military base. officials say the american opened a door and saw the barrel of the guards gun and then fired. in northern australia, large scale evacuations are under way as flood waters threatened to inundate homes and compromise levies. authorities told residents to leave their homes predicting record flood records by tomorrow. patients are also being evacuated from hospital there is. the town was flooded during last year's unprecedented rains which killed 35 people. and in europe, bone chilling cold is blamed for the deaths of nearly 300 people. eastern europe has been especially hard hit. in bosnia several feet of snow has left people stranded in their villages. 135 people died in the last week because of weather. there are now calls for rome's mayor to resign after drivers spent hours gridlocked on
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unplowed and unsalted roads. tonight manuel noriega the former panamanian dictator is hospitalized after suffering a possible stroke. he is said to be in stable condition tonight. the seven #-year-old was extradited to panama in december -- the 77-year-old was extradited to panama in december. he is serving a sentence for murder. an explosion happened a few minutes after a social worker brought his kids. powell moved to washington from utah after his wife's disappearance. he told police he had taken his
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a small plane crash outside of fresno this afternoon claimed the life of the pilot. the cessna came down taking down some power lines with it. the plane was registered out of walnut creek but investigators have not confirmed if the pilot was the owner of the plane. so far it has not said what might have caused the plane to
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crash. it is an estimated 30 billion-dollar business worldwide. i'm talking about illegal online gambling. in tonight's special report, ken pritchett tells us about the efforts to green light online gambling. >> reporter: the clicking sound of casino chips. the speed of a dealer dolling out cards. it is the atmosphere of a poker game that you can only experience legally in a casino room. but soon you may be able to gamble legally in your living room. >> the question is not can people gamble online. they are already doing so. does california step in and regulate it and does california step in and tax it. those are the issues. >> reporter: correa says
12:01 am
nationwide six out of ten gallablers are from california. >> to me, $250 million can hire a lot of teachers for our kids. >> reporter: the stakes are huge and that is not lost in the gambling mecca las vegas, nevada. fast track records on the way to legalize internet gambling. some states view as opening the view to other types of online gambling. >> it's pretty foggy. it's clear as mud. >> reporter: lou is a computer gaming pioneer who recently worked for zynga that is planning to join the online gambling field. lou now works for shuffle maker, a unique poker game
12:02 am
gearing up to develop games for online sites. the mgm grand and other casinos support online gambling. but they want it legalized in a different level. >> we don't want to see any of it. >> reporter: reverend james butler is with the california coalition against gambling expansion. >> pretty soon they'll have an app that will allow you to connect instantly to a casino or a gambling site. you want to lose your home, we have an app for that. >> reporter: the reverend says it is going to cause more ills. >> is there anybody in california that receives social assistance will be banned from the site or will the california
12:03 am
citizens be subsidizing somebody elses gambling behavior. castle believes the security technology while not foolproof is mature. >> it comes down with are you doing a good job to make sure you don't have underaged gamblabling. >> reporter: to many the debate is over and the race is on to be the first in the online gambling market. >> you are out there first, you're able to receive those moneys first. >> reporter: after years of failed attempts, lawmakers in sacramento seem ready to take up the question this year. >> i think we're just a step away from it. >> reporter: one step from online gambling, a potential jackpot of new revenues but for california will it ultimately be a winning hand? in sacramento, ken pritchett. >> you can find ken's report by going to and clicking on the tap near the top of the home page. an oregon family that spent six days lost in the woods are
12:04 am
now safe. the couple, their adult son and pit bull were rescued yesterday from rugged forest. they got lost while looking for mushrooms on sunday and spent the nights huddled in a log. they said they were so hungry they considered eating their dog but when it got right down to it they preferred to starve. the helicopter pilot who found the mushroom picking family is the same man who found a san francisco family lost in a snowstorm. you may remember when a father and son were rescued. pilot rayshure says he finds people lost in the woods by looking at unfamiliar spots. the brown university student found an audio tape of
12:05 am
malcolm x's 1965 address. in it a then 35-year-old activist says african americans should embrace their americans and culture instead of trying to assimilate into a white society. malcolm x was assassinated just four years after delivering that speech. target has teamed up with another high end fashion designer, jason wu's collection hit the store's website today. wu is best known for designing the first lady's inauguration gown. prices range from $19.99 to $59.99. this comes a few months after misoni featured a line there in target. that launch brought out huge crowds and actually crashed target's website. nasa aims scientists have made it possible for anyone to be an armchair air traáfbg controller.
12:06 am
- - traffic controller. sector 33 lets people simulate a flight. the game shows the importance of math. super bowl xlvi comes down to the last play. the dramatic finish as well as reaction from the losing quarterback. san mateo's own tom brady. that's coming up a little bit later in sports wrap. mark tamayo is they say that with great power comes great responsibility.
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get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. air quality officials ask bay area residents to voluntarily not burn wood tonight. they say the mild weather can trap pollution coming from wood smoke. today was not an official spare the air day which would make
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burning wood illegal. officials say if enough people refrain from burning on days like today the bay area can avoid more spare the air days down the road. certainly has been so mile out there. a little strange let's check in with mark now. what about our workweek? >> the workweek we finally have a storm to talk about heather and ken with another system approaching us. at least for right now a few high clouds just offshore. you can see sweeping into parts of the bay area. right now we do have partly to partly clear skies throughout most of the region. that's after a pretty nice weekend. you may have seen cloud approaching. you see the sunshine playing a peekaboo right there moving across the sky and pretty mild out there through the mid- and afternoon hours. temperatures tomorrow morning cooling off in santa rosa, napa. san francisco 47, san jose lower 40s and concord 39 degrees. with partly to mostly sunny skies.
12:10 am
now you can pick out the winds. not only bringing rainfall but high winds. this kicks in targeting the coast in the north bay hills. also for the santa cruz mountains. winds could be gusting from 65 miles per hour. strongest as we do head into tuesday morning. all because of this guy, this weather system approaching the pacific. most of your monday will be dry. with mostly city skies, increasing high clouds. and temperatures into the mild sky. this pressure just offshore this will generate more rainfall. heaviest rain that is scheduled early tuesday morning between 3:00 and 6:00. the early commute tuesday could be a rough one. rainfall expectations a .25 of an inch to an inch. here we go at 3:00 just cloud
12:11 am
cover out there. the rain band beginning to approach our coastline. by 3:00 you will notice the increase in the wind. scattered showers out there and here we go with the heavier rainfall as we head into early tuesday morning. then off and on showers for tuesday afternoon. tomorrow some scattered high clouds moving through the sky and temperatures mainly in the 60s. a little bit cooler than today. oakland tops out 64, pleasanton 65 degrees. san jose in the upper 60s. and santa cruz right around 60 as well. here is alook ahead, your extended forecast. by wednesday, partly sunny sky. that will set the stage for the upcoming weekend with your weekend always in view and heather and ken we have a big parade coming on saturday. at least for right now looks like a sun-cloud mix. we will be watching that as we
12:12 am
approach the day. >> we want it to rain but not on
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real tasty. crazy good. insane. this is good. really, really good. juicy as hell (beep). good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. a lot on the line in terms of football legacies tonight in football 36. both the new york giants and new england patriots trying to learn the few teams that have won four times. eli manning going for his second. two coaches considered among
12:15 am
the all time best. the game started in an unusual way. incomplete, problem for brady was there wasn't a receiver any where near because he was in the end zone. that's a safety and a 2-0 giant lead. and manning to victor cruz pass, it was 9-0 new york. the versatile giants receiving core. the second quarter belonged to the patriots first the field goal made it a six point game. then when brady had a whole day to stand in the pocket. it was 10-9 new england, they head into the locker room nearly even in points and stats. the two quarterbacks had similar numbers as did the offenses. the last drive by brady of 96 yards tied a super bowl record. his streak of nine completions previously held by joe
12:16 am
montana. a big time halftime production show which this year featured madonna. >> ♪ after the network executives no doubt breathed a sigh of relief. the second half got underway. the patriots had the lead but there was lots of drama still to come. two new york field goals made it 17-15. manning led yet another fourth quarter come back this one starting with 3:46 to play. from his own 12, he unloads one down the sideline for mario manningham. manningham pulls it for 48 yards. patriots challenge the catch
12:17 am
but it was review and confirmed that manning had had control of the ball and both feet on the line. falling into the end zone instead. that meant trailing 21-17 brady had 57 seconds of trying to get his team into the end zone. he faced the fourth and 16. kept the drive alive escaping trouble and finding branch for the second time. but four more plays got the patriots within 49. that meant one last shot in the end zone. 65yards, hernandez gets a hand on it in the end zone. grankowsky and the giants. they join only the steelers, 49ers, cowboys and packers as teams who have won four or
12:18 am
more. 21-17 the finals. coughlin the oldest coach to win a super bowl. >> when we got into halftime, i said we can play better than this guys. >> it's been a tough season but we have a great group of guys that don't quit. just proud of our team the way we dealt with everything all season and came out strong. >> you win as a team and you lose as a team. and certainly it wasn't one play is the reason why we lost today. so, everybody feels like we could have done more and i said after the game. i'll keep coming to this game and keep trying i would rather come to this game and lose than not get here. so hopefully we'll be back at some point. we had a great year, we just didn't make enough plays today. still to come on this late sunday night sports wrap. we'll meet one of the key editions to the 2012 version of ♪
12:19 am
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and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. it's not uncommon for people in prosports to get a second chance. stanley blew a five stroke lead on the final day trying for his first tour win last week. spencer lavine up six at the beginning of the day. bad day to quit smoking. then at front with a stroke when he made that birdie puck. one hole behind, lavine had an answer. again they were tied. then he gets in trouble after hitting his tee shot in the cactus. from there he had a pretty good
12:23 am
look at green. he needs to carry about 208 yards to get it over the water. not quite enough on this shot. lavine takes a double bogey that left him two strokes off the pace. so for the second week in a row, the pressure was on stanley to close the deal. he stays one stroke ahead of crane. then at 18, a putt similar to the 18th. stanley made neither last sunday but this time he gets it done. stanley nails down that illusive first trial win. the basketball team at gael college had a win this weekend. >> reporter: randy bennett took over a basketball team that had not won a conference
12:24 am
game. under bennett the gael's have won 23 in the game. >> it's a great start. whatever that means, we have had great teams. a lot of how a team is remembered inside a finish. >> how last year's team finished may be providing some of the motivation for this season. >> time to come back down and make one. >> it's mcdonald. he got it to go. >> that team started out 17-2 but baited down the stretch. >> another one to go. >> and failed to make the ncaa field. adding to the disaappointment was a loss to home at kent state in the first roupbt of the nit. >> it stunned at the end of last year. we felt we under achieved. we felt that after that spring, summer and fall that we got ready for this year. >> averages a double-double. senior rob jones is a force for
12:25 am
the gaels inside. delavadova is part of an australian pipeline that through the years has included the likes of daniel kicker, harlen hughes and patty mills. it's given the gails a distinct personality. >> it maybes it feel more like home. >> reporter: there are five aus cys -- aussies on the roster this year, but that's not the biggest news anymore. >> it was a innovate for a while but now it's that the gaels have a good team. >> moraga isn't the most
12:26 am
recognizable city in the scene. >> we're still coming to the airport as st. mary's, but we're not worried about the issue. >> we still have trouble with the name recognition. but out west people know us. the gael's will have more opportunities to be recognized. there's a game in gonzaga, a game against undefeated murray state. then the gael, is could always do what they did in 2010, make the ncaa tournament and win a couple of games making it to the final 16. the offensive shortcomings of the san francisco giants well documented last season. the giants addressed one part of that this winter. their lack of speeds. at the fan fest yesterday, angel pagan got his first look at the field.
12:27 am
hitting the lead off spot. he's a career .279 hitter. he was also part of an offseason plan by new york to turn the page on several veteran players. >> they traded me, i was really happy because i was coming to san francisco on a contending team. a team that to me is the team to beat in the west. that makes me proud of the way i work. the way i prepare myself. and something that i always think that this team needs is speed. and that's something i will bring. >> we're quicker, more athletic and it's going to make a little bit easier to manufacturer some runs. >> need something to look forward to. we're about one week away from pitchers and catchers from reporting to training camp. have a good week everybody. >> looking forward to that. >> always feel kind of empty when football season ends. >> it's all over, sorry joe. >> yeah. >> book your ticket now to
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phoenix. that is our report for tonight. thank you for joining us. we're always on on we're always on on >> and great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! ♪ and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! [laughing] man: yeah. that will certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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